Top 30 Essays For CSS/PMS By JWT PDF Free

jwt top 30 essays pdf download

In Pakistan, there are two competitive exams: CSS (Central Superior Services) and PMS (Provincial Management Services). These tests are among the hardest in the nation, and passing them calls for intense study and preparation. The essay writing portion of these tests is one of the most important parts.

In Pakistan, JWT (Jahangir World Times) is a well-known journal that offers study materials and advice to those aiming for CSS and PMS. The top 30 essays required for these tests have been gathered in a list.

jwt top 30 essays pdf download

Range of Essays in CSS/PMS

The essays in PMS/CSS cover a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and international relations. “Democracy in Pakistan,” “Corruption in Pakistan,” “Education System in Pakistan,” “Climate Change and its Impact on Pakistan,” “Energy Crisis in Pakistan,” “Women Empowerment in Pakistan,” and “Water Crisis in Pakistan” are just a few of the well-known essays.

These essays have been chosen with care to give the applicants a thorough understanding of the problems that are widespread in Pakistan and around the world. Additionally, they aid in the candidates’ development of analytical and critical thinking abilities, both of which are necessary for responding to essay questions on these exams.

Get Top 30 CSS/PMS JWT’s Essays in PDF

The JWT’s list of the top 30 CSS/PMS essays is a great study aid for applicants getting ready for these tests. The essays provide a thorough understanding of the issues while covering a wide range of topics. Candidates can hone their writing abilities and raise their chances of passing the essay portion of these exams by studying these essays.

It is a must-read for candidates preparing for CSS or PMS exams. The essays provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues prevalent in Pakistan and around the world and help the candidates develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

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