To Selena With Love Pdf is the memoir eBook by Chris Perez on the life of her wife and the popular American Latin Singer Selena, which was published in 2012, in Spanish it is named Para Selena, Con Amor.

In this book, Author, Chris Perez narrates the story of his life and relationship with her late lovey wife Selena, who was a popular American singer.

To Selena With Love Pdf eBook

To Selena, With Love Pdf Description 

Selena was one of the most prominent young superstars of the Latin music industry with millions of fan following and her tragic murder at the age of 23 shocked his fans.

In this book, Chris Perez the loving husband of the young singer opens up and shared their personal bonding and wonderful short married life with the public and her fans.

The powerful story of this book provides a rare glimpse of Selena’s personal life and tells the sincere yet vulnerable aspect of her personality when it comes to falling in love and fighting for it.

The book is full of emotions and a tribute by a loving husband to his late wife, whom he loved most in the world.

All the information shared in this book shows a different aspect of Selena, which was never made public by her.

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Download To Selena With Love Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this memoir on the life of popular late Latin superstar, Selena by her loving husband, Chris Perez.

He shared their personal relationship in the story of this book, which is full of emotions and an everlasting love story.

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Author: Chris Perez
Publication Year: 2012
Number Of Pages: 224 Pages
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 1.60 Mb