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Think Like a Programmer Pdf Download 1st Edition

The first edition of Think Like a Programmer Pdf book helps the readers develop a programming mindset to solve problems and teach them how to think and act like a professional programmer in a competitive environment. The strategies and techniques described in this programming book help beginners develop their problem-solving skills.

However, to learn from this book, you should be familiar with the basic syntax and semantics of the C++ language.

1st Edition of Think Like a Programmer Pdf
An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving

Think Like a Programmer Description

This book breaks down how programmers solve problems and teaches the readers how to improve their problem-solving skills. It consists of 8 chapters, every chapter tackles a single programming concept, like pointers, recursion, classes, and provides different exercises at the end to apply learned knowledge.

Most of the chapters will expect the readers to know typical C++ fundamentals; these chapters will start with reviewing those fundamentals.

If you are new to programming fundamentals, you can still learn C++ syntax from Accelerated C++ and problem solving from this book parallelly.

This programming book will help the readers to learn the following:

  • Divide problems into discrete segments to make them easy to solve
  • Create the most of code reuse with functions, libraries, and classes,¬†
  • Select the ideal data structure for any particular job
  • Learn more advanced programming tools like dynamic memory and recursion¬†
  • Manage your thoughts and devise strategies to tackle specific types of problems

Download Think Like a Programmer Pdf

Download Think Like a Programmer Pdf

Get this Pdf programming book that will help young programmers to learn the essential skills of problem-solving like a professional. Though the examples used in the book are written in C++, the creative problem-solving concepts it illustrates go beyond any specific programming language.

It is strongly recommended for young programmers looking to improve their problem-solving skills to compete in a competitive environment.

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Think Like a Programmer Pdf: An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving 1st Edition

Additional Information

All the important additional details and the information about this Pdf Programming book are shared below:

Book Language: English
Author: V. Anton Spraul
Number of Pages: 260
Pdf File Size: 7 Mb


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