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Things We Lost To The Water Pdf By Eric Nguyen Download

Things We Lost To The Water pdf is the eBook of the popular debut novel by Eric Nguyen that became instantly popular after its publication in May 2021 and rated by the New York Times as one of the best Novel books of 2021.

It is about the struggle of a Vietnamese family relocated to the USA and their struggle to overcome different situations while in a new country and among new people.

Nguyen’s story covers three decades and narrates the lives of a Vietnamese refugee family who flee to the United States Of America.

Eric Nguyen

Things We Lost to the Water pdf Description

A remarkable debut novel about a Vietnamese immigrant family settled in New Orleans and their struggles to remain connected to one another as their lives are entirely reshaped.

When Huong comes to New Orleans with her two young sons, she is homeless, jobless, and worried about her husband, Cong, who remains in Vietnam.

As she and her sons begin to settle into life in America, she continues to send letters to her husband, Cong, with the hope that they will be reunited one day as a family and her children will grow up in the presence of their father.

But by time, Huong starts to realize she may never able to see her husband again.

While she attempts to come to terms with this loss, her sons, Tuan and Binh, grow up in the absence of their father, plagued by a man and a country trapped in all their thoughts and imaginations.

As they move forward, adapt to life in America in three different ways:

  • Huong gets associated with a Vietnamese salesman who is also new in the city.
  • Tuan tries to connect with his own heritage and culture by becoming a member of a local Vietnamese gang.
  • Binh, now Known as Ben, wholeheartedly accepts his adopted homeland and his burgeoning sensuality.

Their quest for a new identity as a family and as an individual starts to threaten to tear them apart, un­til a tragedy hits the city they now consider their new home and they all are forced to find a way to come together and acknowledge the bonds that bind them.

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Download this remarkable debut novel eBook, Things we lost to the water Pdf by Eric Nguyen.

Eric Nguyen’s powerful debut novel Things We Lost to the Water is very appealing, as it tells the story of a family of Vietnamese refugees struggling to survive in their new adopted homeland and how their choices they make affect their lives.

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Additional Information about this Book

All the additional information and details about this debut novel eBook, Things We Lost to the Water pdf have been shared below:

Language: English
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN-10 0593317955
ISBN-13 978-0593317952
Dimensions: 6.07 x 1.14 x 8.53 inches
Hardcover: 304 pages

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions about this eBook novel, Things we lost to the water pdf have been shared below:

Who is the author of this book?

Eric Nguyen is the author is novel that tells the story of a Vietnamese family and their struggle in the USA as their new homeland.

What is the publication date of this book?

Things we lost to the water by Eric Nguyen was published by Knopf Publishers in May 2021.


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