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Download The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf By Charlotte Gilman

The yellow wallpaper Pdf is an eBook of the popular short story written by the American author Charlotte Gilman; It was first published in 1892 in The New England Magzine.

It is widely regarded as the earliest American Feminist literature work for its portrayal toward attitude toward physical and mental health of the women in the 19th century.

Charlotte Gilman wrote this masterpiece short story and tried to bring attention to a serious issue with it.

Her writing helped the popular Feminist movement to help them to secure women rights.

The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf

The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf Book Overview

The short story narrated through the first-person experience, and it is about a young woman and her physical surgeon husband.

Her husband rented an old mansion and urge her wife to have mental rest, who diagnosed with a mental health issue after giving birth to their baby.

The story emphasises that her husband imposed this rest upon her against her own wishes.

The author of this book beautifully writes down the story, while focusing on the core issue that really affects the mental health of women.

Gilman, who suffered from mental health issues and depression, uses the yellow wallpaper to represent the formation of family life that trap women with the unwanted burden on their shoulders of responsibility. 

In this short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, she describes the narrator’s senselessness as a proper way to protest against societal oppression of women.

Gilman used her writing to raise the voice for the women through her words when women had only a few rights and they had to bear the unwanted burden.

The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf

Download The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf eBook

Download and read this Pdf eBook, which is considered as one of the earliest feminist literature.

It focuses on the mental health of the women and how it can be affected by imposing decisions on them against their wishes.

This short story by Charlotte Gilman is considered one of the best short stories ever written on the issues related to women.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

All the important frequently asked questions about this Pdf eBook, The Yellow Wallpaper shared below with the best answers.

Who is the author of this short story?

Charlotte Gilman is the author of this story, which is considered one of the earliest work in Feminist literature.

When this story was published?

This short story was published for the first time in 1892 in The New England weekly magazine.

What is the subject of this story?

The subject of this story is mental health issues that women had to face at that time when they had only a few rights.

The story of this book is about a young woman suffering a mental illness and her husband imposed rest on her without her will.

How many words and pages are there in this story?

It is a 50 pages long short story and compromised of 6000 words.

This short story is a collection of journals.

Why this story is popular?

It was one of the earliest Feminist literature and helped the feminists to secure women rights.

Women at that time had only a few rights and they had to bear the unwanted burden on their shoulders.

This short story focused on the core issues that were affecting the mental and psychological health of the women.

It is considered one of the best short stories of all times related to women issues.

Can I use this eBook for Kindle Device?

Yes, you can download The Yellow Wallpaper Pdf eBook to your device and read it on a Kindle device for free.



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