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The Westing Game Pdf By Ellen Raskin 1978

The Westing Game Pdf is an eBook of Children’s mystery Novel authored by famous American writer Ellen Raskin which was published in 1978 and won the Newbery Medal, acknowledging the year’s most outstanding work to American children’s literature.

Though first published in 1978, it remains a popular children book as in 2012 it was ranked #1 among all-time children’s novels in a survey conducted by School Library Journal.

The Westing Game Pdf eBook

The Westing Game Book Overview 

A strange series of events occurs when sixteen unlikely people group together to read Samuel W. Westing’s will.

Sam Westing was a prosperous businessman who built his wealth in paper products. Who was very patriotic and never gambled, smoked, or drank.

As the story begins, Sam Westing is dead, and Barney Northrup is selling apartments to a group of tenants and tell them chess is not allowed in the building.

Later, it is revealed that most of these tenants are the heirs in Westing’s will.

The structure of Westing’s will is like a complex puzzle, which also states that one of his heirs is his murderer, and all the 16 heirs are challenged to solve the mystery, by making pairs.

The pair, who successfully solve the mystery of his death, will inherit all of his 200$ million property, including his company.

Download The Westing Game Pdf

Download The Westing Games Pdf

Get the Pdf eBook of this Children’s famous mystery novel by Ellen Raskin, the recipient of the Newberry medal award.

The interesting and mysterious story of Westing’s will and his murder make it worth reading and a top mystery novel for Children.

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Additional Details

All the important information and details of this of Children’s top rated mystery novel The Westing Game Pdf eBook  are shared below:

Author: Ellen Raskin
Novel Language: English
Publication Year: 1978
Number Of Pages: 220 Pages
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 735 Kb


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