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The Tell-Tale Heart PdfbyEdgar Allan Poe is a short story, related to an unnamed narrator trying to convince the novel’s reader of the narrator’s sanity, describing a murder of an older man with a filmy faded blue “vulture-eye” by the narrator.

It was published in 1843 for the first time and is considered one of the best short stories of all time. The Summary of this popular short story is shared below:

The Tell-Tale Heart Summary, A Short Story by Edgar Allan Poe,

Short Story Summary

The Tell-Tale Summary

This short story is told in the first-person narrative told by the unnamed narrator. Despite urging that they are sane, the narrator has to suffer from (nervousness), a disease that compels “over-acuteness of the senses.”

The old man, with whom the story’s narrator lives, has a dark, pale, blue “vulture-like” eye, which disturbs and manipulates the narrator so much that he plans to murder the old man, despite having sympathy for the old man and has never felt wronged by him.

For seven nights, he opens the old man’s room door to shine a sliver of light onto the “evil eye.” Yet, the older man’s vulture eye is always closed, making it impossible to do the work.

On the eighth night, the older man awakens after the narrator’s hand slips and makes a noise, interrupting the narrator’s nightly ritual. The narrator does not pull back and decides to open the lantern after some time. A thin ray of light shines out and falls precisely on the eye, revealing that it is wide open. The narrator listens to the older man’s heart beating, which gets more audible and louder.

It increases the narrator’s nervousness to the point where the narrator decides to strike. He jumps into the room, and the older man screams once before being killed.

He then dismembers the body and hides the pieces under the floorboards, ensuring hiding all signs of the crime. Yet a neighbor reported to the police after hearing the scream.

The narrator confidently reasons that the cry heard was the narrator’s nightmare and that the older man is not in the country; the narrator brings chairs for them and sits in the victim’s older man’s room.

The chairs are set on the spot where the body is hidden; the police suspect nothing, and the narrator maintains a pleasant manner.

The narrator begins to feel uncomfortable and notices a ringing in the narrator’s ears. As the ringing grows louder, the narrator concludes that the older man’s heartbeat is coming from under the floorboards.

The sound increases steadily to the narrator, though the officers do not seem to hear it. Terrified by the violent beating of the heart and convinced that the officers are aware of the heartbeat and the narrator’s guilt, the narrator breaks down and confesses.

The narrator tells them to tear up the floorboards to reveal the remains of the older man’s body.

Download The Tell-Tale Heart Pdf

Download The Tell-Tale Heart Pdf

Get the Pdf book of this popular short story by Edgar Allan Poe, which is considered one of the best gothic fiction short stories of all time. In this story, an unnamed narrator plans the murder of an old man and tries to justify his action.

The story’s ending shows the outcome of the narrator’s feelings of regret and guilt. Like many characters in Gothic fiction, they permit their nerves to dictate their nature.

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The Tell-Tale Heart Pdf book cover

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Author:Edgar Allan Poe
Publication Year:1843
Short Story Genre:Gothic Fiction
Pdf File Size:157 Kb

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