The Swimmer by John Cheever Pdf Download

The Swimmer Pdf (short story by John Cheever)

The Swimmer PdfbyJohn Cheever is a famous short story considered Cheever’s most famous and frequently anthologized story. The story is highly praised for its mixture of surrealism and realism, the thematic exploration of suburban America, particularly the relationship between wealth and pleasure, and his use of symbolism and myth.

It was published in 1964 and is widely considered one of the classical short stories of all time.

The Swimmer Pdf (short story by John Cheever)

The Swimmer Description

This short story starts with Neddy Merrill chilling at a friend’s pool on a hot midsummer day. On a fancy, Neddy decides to return home by swimming via all the collections in the neighborhood, which he calls “the Lucinda River” to glorify his wife.

He vibrantly starts the journey full of youthful energy. In the early stops on his trip, his friends exuberantly greet him with drinks; it is readily evident that he is well-regarded and has an upper or upper-middle-class social standing.

As the journey advances, the story’s tone slowly becomes darker and additional surreal. Despite the ever-present afternoon light, it evolves unclear how much time has passed: at the start, it was midsummer, but eventually, all-natural signs point to the season being autumn.

Some old understandings Neddy encounters mention his financial problems, although he does not recall having such misfortunes.

He is patently unwelcome at different houses belonging to owners of a lower social class. His earlier, youthful energy slowly declines, becoming increasingly bitter and challenging for him to swim on. Finally, he tilts back home only to find his house decrepit, empty, and abandoned.

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Get the Pdf book of this popular short story by John Cheever, which is considered one of the finest short stories of all time and presents a perfect combination of realism and surrealism in the story.

It is an exciting story exploring the different themes primarily the association between prosperity and delight and his use of mythology and symbolism.

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Author:John Cheever
Publication Year:1964
Pdf File Size:79 Kb

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