The Stranger Pdf is the eBook of the popular psychological-thriller novella written by the famous French author Albert Camus in 1942, which gained significant popularity a few years after its publication.

It was published in France during the Nazi occupation, and only around 4 thousand of its copies were sold in the background of the second world war.

But it gained excellent reviews from the major publishers and book reviewers, and the author, Albert Camus, was widely acclaimed for his work in the Psychological genre.

After the end of the Second World War, its popularity started to rise and was later considered one of the classic novels of the 20th century.

It was initially written in French but later translated into English four times and in several other world languages.

The Stranger Pdf eBook

The Strangers Book Overview

The main character of the story is Meursault, who lives in French-occupied Algeria, one day, he receives the news of his mother’s death and attends her funeral.

His calmness at the funeral of her mother was felt very unusual to the rest of the attendees.
As the story proceeds further, he kills an Arabic man after intervening in the conflict with his neighbor.

Meursault presented into the court, and the court gave him the death penalty.

The whole story is divided into two sections before and after the murder and narrated by the main character, Meursault.

While waiting for his execution in prison, different events occurred, implying that he got enlightenment.

It is a deep-meaning story, which made this book one of the classic books of the 20th century.

Psychological thriller by Albert Camus

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Download the Pdf eBook of the famous novel, The Stranger By Albert Camus; the psychological thriller is considered one of the best novel books.

Originally written in French, it was translated into English and several other languages.

The Story of this famous novel follows a young man, Meursault, and his unusual behavior and the incidents that led to his execution in prison.

Albert Camus received wide acclamation of his work in the psychological-thriller genre.

It is considered one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

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This psychological-thriller novel book is considered as the best books of the 20th century.

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Book Language: English
Number Of Pages 123 Pages
ISBN-10 9780679720201
ISBN-13 978-0679720201
Dimensions of Book: 5.2 x 0.39 x 7.98 inches

The Strangers By Albert Camus
Albert Camus
Independently published
eBook Edition


Frequently Asked Questions

All the important frequently asked questions about The Stranger Pdf eBook shared below with suitable answers:

When this psychological-thriller novel was published?

It was published in 1942 for the first time in Nazi Occupied France and after its publications less than 4 thousands of its copies were sold. However, it received great reviews from the major publishers and reviewers of that time and after second world war the popularity of this novel significantly increased.

Why The Strangers is so popular?

The psychological-thriller aspect of the story with the element of absurdity made it most popular novel of the last century. It is widely regarded as the greatest work ever produced by the author, Albert Cumus, who got wide accalmation for his work. The Story of this popular novel is already adapted into two movies.

How can I purchase this Book?

You can purchase this psychologial-thriller novel book from the Amazon Store online in different editions, some of the used copies of this book are also available in discounted rates.

Can I use this Pdf eBook on My Kindle device?

Yes, you can download The Stranger Pdf eBook and use it on any Kindle device to read for free.