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The Silent Patient PDF by Alex Michaelides [FREE Download]

The Silent Patient Pdf is the eBook of a psychological thriller debut novel authored by British–Cypriot writer Alex Michaelides, published on 5 February 2019.

This novel instantly after its publication became the Number# 1 New York Times Bestseller book.

Alex Michaelides received generally positive reviews from the critics for his debut work that incorporated an intelligent plot coupled with an interesting character study, and finally the impactful punch that leaves the readers flabbergasted.

It also won the Goodreads Choice Award 2019 in the Thriller and Mystery genre.

The Silent Patient PDF (Overview):

This murder mystery novel is told from the perspective of a psychotherapist who switches jobs to try to help his patient, Alicia, who turned silent after murdering her husband.

Alicia hasn’t spoken a word since shooting her husband in the head six years ago. The psychotherapist unsuccessfully tries his best to communicate to Alicia and then talks to her family and friends.

A Lot of suspense and mysteries arise during his investigation, which causes him extra stress because he is also dealing with a cheating wife. The book is well-written, exciting, fast-read, and offers a remarkable, clever and credible ending.

Download The Silent Patient (PDF Version):

Get this Pdf eBook of the debut Psychological-suspense thriller novel by Alex Michaelides, which is considered one of the best novels of 2019.

The exciting plot, which is full of mystery, suspense and thrill, make this novel worth reading.

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Additional Details: 

All the important details and additional information about the Pdf eBook of this novel are shared below:

Title : The Silent Patient
Author: Alex Michaelides
Language:  English
Number Of Pages: 336 Pages
ISBN: 978-1250301697
Genre:  Suspense, Murder,Psychological Thriller
Format: PDF eBook
Pdf File Size: 2 Mb
Price: Free
Publication Year


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