The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf by Ron and Johanna

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf eBook provides the self-sufficiency and homesteading knowledge acquired by the authors Ron and Johanna over the 40 years. The book is well-written in straightforward English and is jam-packed with important information for everyone from the casual gardener to those seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

It includes vital knowledge for both individuals and society’s futures.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf

The Self-Sufficient Backyard (Pdf eBook) Description

The authors of this Pdf eBook, Ron and Johanna are considered modern-day pioneers by some. They’ve been surviving and thriving off the grid since the late 1970s:

  • They grow their own food all year
  • Obtaining sufficient water for drinking, cooking, and bathing
  • Using garden plants to make their own natural treatments
  • The cost of heating the house and getting hot water is nearly zero
  • And generating all of their homestead’s electricity with solar and wind
  • There’s also a slew of others…a slew of others!

This is a must-have for anyone considering moving off the grid or simply saving and profiting from their own property. And everything adds up! Ron and Johanna don’t have a large pension to fall back on, but they nevertheless manage to generate a fair life off of their small 14-acre property.

In today’s America, that’s how little you truly need to be self-sufficient.

And the best part is that it makes no difference if the property is a few acres or a small apartment in the city.

Download The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf Free

Download The Self-Sufficient Backyard Pdf

Get this Pdf eBook by Ron and Johana, which provides detailed information for self sustainability. They’ve published the outcomes of their experiments, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy, so that readers may make well-informed decisions about which to attempt.

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Additional Details About Pdf eBook

All the important additional information and the details about this popular book The Self Sufficient Backyard Pdf are shared below:

Authors: Johana and Ron
Book Language: English
Number of Pages: 352 Pages
Pdf File Size: 17.4 Mb

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