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the nightingale book review

The Nightingale Book by Kristin Hannah got worldwide popularity instantly after this publication and became New York Times bestseller, Best book of the year of Wall Street Journal, and later on best International seller all over the world; the Nightingale book review has been shared to help the readers by sharing different aspects of this popular novel.

Motion picture, The Nightingale movie, which was released in 2018, was also influenced by this world-famous novel book by Kristin Hannah.

This heart-touching, full of emotions and unforgettable tale set during the second world war during the German invasion of France depicts two sister’s struggle to survive and continue their journey of survival on different paths in war-torn France occupied by the German forces.

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The Nightingale Book Overview

the nightingale book review

The story of the Nightingale book story set during the Second World War during the German invasion of France and in a small french village; Carriveau was against the expectations of Vianne Mauriac; the German invasion of France occurred full of might and started to massacre their way.

The real, biggest, and toughest challenge of Vianne’s life began when a German captain approached their home as she and her daughter have to stay alive with enemies all around.

She has to make the most difficult decisions of her life, one by one, to protect and keep her family alive.

Vianne’s sister, Isabelle, a bold and brave girl, met and fall in love with Gaetan, one of the members of the force of thousands of Parisians fighting against the Nazis within France. However, when betrayed by him, she joined the resistance moments and risked everything of her to save the lives of others.

Kristin Hannah has depicted the women’s role in the second world war in her international best novel, which is rarely mentioned in the history books.

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The Nightingaleis one of the finest work produced by the best seller author, Kristin Hannah, that instantly became the best selling book all over the world.

The heart-touching, emotional, and action-packed story of two sisters who continued their march on different paths to survive in German-occupied and war-torn France during World War 2.

Kristin has depicted the role of women and all their struggles in the second world war in her bestseller novel, an aspect that is rarely mentioned in history books.

This book gives a new insight into the French resistance against the occupying German forces and the role of native french against the invaders, including the young girls, who joined the resistance forces to fought against the invaders.

However, the writer has mixed some of the fiction and real historical facts in this book as she depicted the French resistance as very active and powerful against occupying Nazi German forces, but in reality, that was not the case.

If reading this book by considering its true historical account with correct facts and figures, then it would be a grave mistake rather it would be more suffice to take it a mixture of fact and fiction to make a heartfelt, emotional, and powerful story out of it.

Many people all around the world loved this book and made it an international bestseller, but a few described it as an utter disappointment due to wrong historical facts.

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Publication dateFebruary 3, 2015
Print length594 pages
PublisherSt. Martin’s Press

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