The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint Pdf Download (English Edition)

The Little Price Pdf Download By Antoine de Saint (English Edition

The Little Prince Pdf is the English-translated edition eBook of the most famous French Novella of all time, Le Petit Prince was written by the famous French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943. After its publication in 1943 in the USA, it got significant popularity and was praised by major publishers including The New York Times.

The Little Prince is considered the best novel book ever written by Antoine de Saint, which became the best International seller book ever with more than 145 million copies sold worldwide.

It is also translated into more than 300 languages, making it the most translated book in the world.

The popular novella, The Little Prince is adapted into different forms such as different Plays, Dramas, movies, TV, etc.

The Little Prince Pdf By Antoine de Saint

The Little Prince Book Story Overview

The story of this Pdf eBook of the novella is about a young prince wandering in space from planets to planets and at last comes to the planet earth and met with the narrator of the story, The Pilot in the Sahara desert.

The Pilot got his aircraft crashed, leaving him stranded in the middle of the biggest desert in the world with only 8 days of water supply.

He has to fix his aircraft within 8 days to escape the harsh desert.

Surprisingly In the Sahara desert, he meets and befriends a young boy with golden hair named “The Little Prince”.

While the pilot tries to fix his aircraft, the young prince started to tell the story of his life and all of his wanderings from planet to planets in search of Love, friendship and affection.

The author, Antoine de Saint used the story of the little prince and his wandering to explain the different traits found in the adults and try to address them in an interesting way.

It includes important life lessons for both kids and adults.

The main idea of the story is to avoid narrow-mindedness, a trait often found in adults, and to broaden your thinking by exploring things or people.

The Little Price Pdf Download By Antoine de Saint (English Edition

Download The Little Prince Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this popular Novella by Antoine de Saint, which is the best International seller and most translated book ever in the world.

The author wrote the story of a young little prince wandering in space in search of friendship and love to escape loneliness.

In the story, he pointed out different traits found in the adults and addressed them very well in the story.

Though The Little Prince was written for Kids, it also attracted the adults by discussing their core traits.

The English edition of this Pdf eBook is translated by Katherine Woods from French.

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Extra Information About The Book 

All the additional information about this popular novella book by Antoine de Saint is shared below:

Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 72 Pages
ISBN-10 0544656490
ISBN-13 978-0544656499
For Grade level 5-7
Book Dimensions 7 x 1.8 x 10 inches

Novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Which book is the best International seller of all time?” answer-0=”the little prince is the best international seller book of all time, moreover, it is also the most translated book in the world with its translations into more than 300 languages.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”When the little prince was published?” answer-1=”It was published in 1943 in the USA in both English and French. In French, it is known as Le Petit Prince. Katherine Woods translated this popular novella book into English from French. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the subject of the little prince?” answer-2=”The Story of this popular book is about a young prince traveling in space from one planet to another planet in search of love and friendship to escape his loneliness. On the planet Earth, he met the pilot, the narrator, in the middle of the Sahara desert and tell him the story of his life and experiences. Through this story of the prince, the author addressed the different complex traits founds in the adults. The author used the story of the young prince to address the different issues and traits found in the adults such as narrow-mindedness. He used the events of the story to explain these traits and address them in an interesting way. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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