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The Kite Runner PDF By Khaled Hosseini Free Download

The Kite Runner Pdf is the eBook edition written by Khaled Hossaini, an Afghan-American author. It was his first book that instantly got popularity after its publication and became New York Times bestseller book.

The unforgettable and heart-touching story of this book is about an unlikely friendship of a rich boy and the son of their servant.

The events of this book took place in Afghanistan; when the country was in the process of its destruction and devastation.

An extensive story of family, friendship, and love narrated against the destructive backdrop of the history of Afghanistan witnessing its harshest times over the last thirty years.

The Kite Runner is an extraordinary and powerful novel that instantly became the favorite of book lovers after its publication.

The Kite Runner PDF e-Book Overview

The Story of this Pdf eBook, The Kite Runner, began when a rich Afghan boy relocated to the USA with his father when the fundamentalist Taliban regime takes over the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.

In the USA, he finds a college starts and a new life until one day, he gets a call from a family friend, who asks him to return to Kabul because he wanted to see him. 

After his return to Afghanistan, the main events of the story of this book began and take unexceptional turns later that leave its readers stunned and heartbroken in the end.

The depth of the story plot, all the characters’ twists and turns make this fictional story feel realistic.

The Kite Runner pdf

The Kite Runner Pdf Story

The Kite Runner pdf eBook tells the story about two boys Amir and Hassan, who was the son of Amir’s servant.

They both were nursed by the same women as they lost their mothers after their births.

Hassan and Amir were best friends but they never admit it in public as they both belonged from different Islamic sects, Hassan belonged from Shia Hazara community of Afghanistan, while Amir was a Sunni, ethnic Pashtun and son of a very wealthy man of Kabul.

Hassan was a brave, honest, and loyal friend and regarded as the best Kite Runner of his town, and his skills with slingshot were extraordinary.

While Amir was a coward, egoistic, and very mean boy, and used to spent most of his time with books, and because of his interest in literature, he became a poet and good writer at a very young age.

Amir used to read many different stories to Hassan but sometimes he also used to moke him for fun as Hassan was illiterate and never went to school.

Despite everything Hassan always used to help Amir, Hassan took a stand for Amir and always saved him whenever they were in trouble.

But when the time came for Amir to help and take a stand for Hassan, he cowardly backed off and betrayed his friend, who used to treat him like his own brother.

The thing he did not know that this betrayal will keep haunting him rest of the life and even after 26 years of it, he deprived of the peacefulness of heart, soul and mind.

So, this Pdf eBook, The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir’s quest for peace and redemption and how he returned back to a new but devastated Kabul leaving behind his comfortable life in the USA, to get back his lost peace and redemption.

the kite runner pdf

The Kite Runner PDF Download

Download the PDF eBook of the popular bestseller book The Kite Runner, to read this heart-touching, emotional and sad story that will leave you heartbroken.

The destruction of Afghanistan, the fall of the Afghan monarchy, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and the beginning of the Taliban regime have been described very bravely and tragically in this book.

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Additional Information About Pdf eBook

All the important Additional Information and detail regarding this Pdf eBook are shared below:

ASIN 159463193X
Language English
Paperback 400 pages
ISBN-10 9781594631931
ISBN-13 978-1594631931



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