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the great divorce Pdf By cs lewis

The Great Divorce Pdf is a novel by the British writer C. S. Lewis, based on his theological dream vision, in which he meditates on the Christian conceptions of Hell and heaven. It was published as a serial in the Guardian in 1944 and book form in 1945.

It is considered one of the most popular and classic novels of all time.

the great divorce cs lewis pdf

The Great Divorce PDF (Book Overview):

The narrator of this Pdf novel inexplicably discovers himself in a rough and unhappy city, the “grey town,” where it constantly rains, even indoors, either Purgatory or hell depending on whether or not one stays there.

He ultimately finds a bus stop for those who want an outing to some different location; the destination after turns out to be the foothills of Heaven.

He waits in the queue for the bus and listens to the discussions between his fellow passengers.

As they wait for the bus’s arrival, many of them quit the line in disgust before the bus pulls up.

When it comes, the bus is driven by the figure of Jesus Christ, who we realize later is the only One significant enough to land to hell. Once the remaining passengers have boarded, the bus glides upward, off the pavement into the rainy sky.

download the great divorce cs lewis pdf

Download The Great Divorce By CS Lewis:

Get the Pdf book of this popular novel by the renowned British author, CS Lewis, which is a classic Christian metaphorical story about a bus ride from Hell to heaven.

An unforgettable meditation upon evil and good, judgment, and grace, Lewis’s revolutionary idea in this novel is that the entrances of Hell is shut from the inside. 

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Details About The Book:

All the important information about  this classic Pdf novel  by CS Lewis are shared below:

Novel Language: English
Number Of Pages: 131
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 643 Kb

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