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The Eye Of Darkness 1981 Pdf

The eyes of Darkness Pdf is the eBook of the popular novel by famous American writer Dean Koontz, which tells the story of a Mother to find his missing son. It was published in 1981, but it got sudden popularity in 2021 after speculation that the novel predicted the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

A virus is mentioned in the story which caused the death of main character’s son, which is emulated with modern Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The Eye Of Darkness novel in pdf

The Eyes of Darkness PDF [Novel Description]:  

The story of this novel is about the quest of a mother, Christina Evans, who sets out to find his dead son, Danny, believing that he is still alive.

Danny went on a camping trip to the mountains with an experienced leader, who ventured 16 times before without any misfortune. But this time, every single person dies on trip mysteriously without any apparent reason.

Christina being a grieving mother started to accept the death of his son,  but suddenly she starts getting bully-like attacks from nowhere, saying Danny is not dead, such as, words from printers, writing on chalkboards, etc., other signs.

Christina Evans, Along with her new friend, Elliot Stryker, sets out to find the truth about what could have happened when her son, Danny, died of a mysterious virus while camping.

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Download the Pdf copy of this novel by Dean Koontz and read the story of this novel to find the truth about the prediction of Coronavirus.

The story of this novel is about the quest of a grieving mother to find the truth, when her son died mysteriously of a virus during a camping trip.

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Additional Details [The Eyes of Darkness]: 

All the important relevant details and information about this Pdf eBook of this 1981 novel, The Eyes Of Darkness shared below:

Author: Dean Koontz
Publication Year: 1981
Novel Language: English
Number Of Pages 320 Pages
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 837 Kb

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