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The Defining Decade Pdf by Meg Jay Free Download

The Defining Decade by renowned psychologist Meg Jay Pdf book explains Why Your Twenties Matter And How to Make the Most of Them Now. This Best-selling book uses true accounts from real people to offer wise, sympathetic, and helpful counsel about the important (and challenging) years we cannot afford to miss.

The Defining Decade Pdf Free

The Defining Decade Overview

The twentysomething years, according to our “thirty-is-the-new-twenty” mentality, are unimportant. Some people describe them as second adolescence. Others refer to them as young adulthood. Clinical psychologist Dr Meg Jay contends that twentysomethings are mired in a sea of hype and disinformation, much of which has devalued what is actually the most formative decade of adulthood.

The Defining Decade mixes the most recent research on the twentysomething years with the behind-closed-doors stories from twentysomethings themselves, drawing on almost two decades of work with hundreds of customers and students. The end result is a thought-provoking read that gives you the skills you need to make the most of your twenties and demonstrates how, if we use this decade wisely, work, relationships, personality, social networks, identity, and even the brain can change more during this decade than any other in adulthood.


This insightful manual gives voice to the professional and personal anxiety of aimless twentysomethings and offers some sober advice. While Jay claims that dealing with challenges in one’s 20s “is a jarring—but efficient and often necessary—way to grow,” the author comes across as sincere and sympathetic, making this thoroughly researched compilation of generational sociology, psychotherapy, career counselling, and relationship advice a useful guide for a group that has been unfairly criticised.

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay Pdf

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