The Cloud of Unknowing PDF By Evelyn Underhill [Free Download]

The Cloud of Unknowing Pdf

The Cloud of Unknowing Pdf is an unknown work of Christian mysticism written in Middle English in the late 14th century. The text is a spiritual handbook on meditative prayer in the late Middle Ages. 

The underlying message of this work indicates that the way to know God is to renounce thinking of God’s particular activities and characteristics and be brave enough to surrender one’s mind and ego to the domain of “unknowing,” at which point one may begin to notice the nature of God.

The Cloud of Unknowing Pdf

The Cloud of Unknowing PDF [Book Overview]:

The Cloud of Unknowing sketches the mystical tradition of the Areopagite, Christian Neoplatonism, and Pseudo-Dionysius, which focuses on the via negativa route to discovering God as a pure entity beyond any degree of mental conception and without any final image or form. 

This practice has reputedly inspired generations of mystics, from Nicholas of Cusa, John Cross, and John Scotus Eriugena. Before this, the theme of The Cloud had appeared in the Confessions of St. Augustine (IX, 10), written in AD 398.

Regarding the placement of The Cloud of Unknowing in the directions of the Catholic Church at the inexact time of its writing, the work joins a more comprehensive medieval movement within Christianity toward a religious experience of a more unique and passionate view of the relationship with God.

Download The Cloud of Unknowing Pdf

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Get the Pdf of this classic text of Christian mysticism written in the late 14th century in Middle English.

The book suggests the young learner seek God, not through intellect and knowledge, but through intense thinking, inspired by love, and deprived of all thought.

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Additional Details:

All the important details about this Pdf Book of The Cloud of Unknowing are shared below:

Author Anonymous
Number Of Pages 131 Pages
Country England
Language Middle English
Subject Spiritual guide to contemplative prayer
Genre Christian mysticism
Publication Year
14th century

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