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The Big Book Pdf of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) 4th Edition

(Alcoholics Anonymous) AA’s Big Book Pdf eBook by its co-founder, Bill W. is intended to help people all over the world to overcome and recover from alcohol addiction and related problems, which was published in 1939.

It is considered one of the most popular and best international seller books with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.

It is called “Big Book” because of the vast quantity of pages more than 400 that provide vital information and guidance to recover from alcoholism.

After going through this book, it is strongly recommended to read “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which further expand the knowledge provided in this book.

(Alcoholics Anonymous) AA's Big Book Pdf

AA’s The Big Book Pdf Overview

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous consists of more than 400 pages that provide vital information, knowledge and guidance to help people to overcome or recover from the addiction of Alcohol and the problems related to it.

The author used the personal and other alcoholic member’s experiences to explain the solutions to various alcohol-related issues in detail, which later evolved into their popular twelve-step program.

Different stories and relevant examples are used to show that how to properly implement the twelve-step program effectively.

In the first part of this book, some chapters specifically focus on selected audiences and provide important guidance on the core issues while the second part of the book is a collection of several personal stories of people suffering from alcoholism and their recovery process.

If you or any of your close ones are suffering from alcohol addiction or its problem then this book is worth reading, even for non-alcoholic people for general information.

Download The Big Book Pdf

Download The Big Book Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this popular book of Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship that aims to help people suffering from alcohol addiction with the right guidance and information to recover.

The book has helped thousands of people all around the globe and is considered one of the best international seller books of all time.

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