Download The Art Of The Deal Pdf By Donald Trump

The Art of the Deal Pdf Book Cover

DigitalBookPoint presents The Art Of The Deal Pdf, the first book of former US President Donald Trump, and a first-hand account of his success as one of America’s finest deal makers. It was published in 1987 and spent 13 weeks on the New York Times’s bestseller list.

The Art of the Deal Pdf Book Cover

Book Description

The book initially covers Trump’s childhood in Jamaica Estates, Queens. It then describes his early work in Brooklyn before moving to Manhattan and building The Trump Organization, his efforts and ideas in developing the Trump Tower and Grand Hyatt Hotel, refurbishing Wollman Rink, and other projects.

It provides details of Donald Trump’s routine of handling his organization and private life as he meets the people he ought to meet, conversations with friends and family, conflicts with enemies, and challenges orthodox thinking.

He separates the common elements in his most significant achievements; he busts myths and names and fully reveals the deal-maker’s art.

Inspired By The Power Of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale, this book also provides Eleven step formula for business success.

Though it was published in 1987; The book received further attention during Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for the United States’s presidency. He cited it as one of his most proud achievements and, after the Bible, his second-favorite book.

Download The Art of the Deal Pdf By Donald Trump

Download The Art Of The Deal Pdf

Get the Pdf of this New York Times bestseller book by Former US President Donald J. Trump, as he provides the account of his life and reveals the secrets that made him the United States one of the best dealmakers.

If you want to understand the personality of Donald Trump, you must read this book. As you read, you’ll better comprehend how his personality was shaped as he grew up.

You will come across a deal-making machine who understands his opponent and the elements interested in the deal and evaluates the value of his objective before he moves.

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