Telegu Short Stories For Kids in PDF

Download telugu stories for kids pdf

If you are looking for Telegu Short Stories to download in PDF on your devices and read it out to your kids then here on this platform, you can get the best PDF eBook collection of popular and interesting Telegu Short stories for kids.

Telegu is a Dravidian language, widely spoken in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telenaga. It has very rich and historic literature and very renowned writers have had enormous literary contributions since ancient times.

Considered, one of the oldest languages in the world, its history goes back thousands of years ago.

There is some evidence that Telugu literature extends back to at least the middle of the first millennium; however, the first existing works are from the 11th century, when Nannaya translated the Mahabharata from Sanskrit into Telugu. Under Krishnadevaraya, the king-poet of Vijayanagara, the language had a golden age.

Download telugu stories for kids pdf

Kids always love to hear stories, it keeps them fascinated. Times have changed but children’s love for folklore remains the same.

Storytelling is a way used by parents and teachers to teach kids valuable lessons about society, moral values, and history because children understand simple and interesting things in which they keep interested.

This collection includes popular and exciting stories for Telegu kids, which also give moral and social lessons to kids.

You can easily save these interesting PDF short stories into your mobile or tablet devices and read them out to your kids at bedtime, this collection includes the best Telegu folklore of all time.

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