D&D 5e Storm King’s Thunder- PDF Download 2022

Storm King's Thunder Pdf eBook

Storm King’s Thunder PDF is an eBook of the 5th edition of adventure module for the most popular classic fantasy role-playing game, the Dungeons & Dragons, published in 2016.

It is preceded by Curse Of Strahd, and the campaign setting is set in Forgotten Realms.

Brace yourself to take on the giants in this adventure for the world’s most fantastic roleplaying game D&D 5e.

Storm King's Thunder Pdf eBook

Storm King’s Thunder PDF (Plot Overview):

The Giants have arisen vigorously to pose a serious threat to civilization as Stone giants occupying lands after Storm King Hekaton is disappeared mysteriously from the Forgotten Realms.

The Hill giants steal all the livestock and the grains, while Fire giants and Frost giants are significantly increasing in desert and sword coast.

Even the rare cloud giants have been emerged with their vast sailing cities appearing above Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep.

The only way for the survival of Faerun to retrieve their control is to turn the powers of the Giants against them.

This fantastic adventure module is developed to take player characters from the 1st level to the 11th level.

Chapters in Storm King’s Thunder Pdf Book

The table of contents lists the follow sections:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: A Great Upheaval
  • Chapter 2: Rumblings
  • Chapter 3: The Savage Frontier
  • Chapter 4: The Chosen Path
  • Chapter 5: Den of the Hill Giants
  • Chapter 6: Canyon of the Stone Giants
  • Chapter 7: Berg of the Frost Giants
  • Chapter 8: Forge of the Fire Giants
  • Chapter 9: Castle of the Cloud Giants
  • Chapter 10: Hold of the Storm Giants
  • Chapter 11: Caught in the Tentacles
  • Chapter 12: Doom of the Desert
  • Appendix A: Linked Adventures
  • Appendix B: Magic Items
  • Appendix C: Creatures
  • Appendix D: Special NPCs
  • Figures
  • Maps

Download Storm King's Thunder Pdf

Download D&D Storm King’s Thunder Pdf :

Get this Pdf eBook of this classic role-play D&D 5e monster adventure manual, which provides an amazing game-play setting in the mysterious forgotten realms.

Get ready to start this new adventure and take on the giants to eliminate the threat to the civilization.

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Additional Details[D&D 5e Storm King’s Thunder PDF]:

All the important details and the information about this D&D 5e Pdf eBook are shared below:

Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 258 Pages
ISBN-10 9780786966004
ISBN-13 978-0786966004
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 70.4 Mb


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