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Pride and Prejudice Pdf download

Pride and Prejudice Pdf is the e-Book of the famous classic romantic novel by the legendary author, Jane Austin, which is widely considered by many as one of the best novels of all time.

It was first published in 1813 and centuries later, it still remains popular among the readers and an integral part of English literature studies.

The movie, Pride and Prejudice 2011, is the adaption of this popular novel book of manners.

It is Jane Austin’s most famous novel that follows the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, which was nominated as America’s most-loved novel by The Great American read. 

Pride and Prejudice

The Pride and Prejudice Pdf Book Overview

The main character of the story is Elizabeth Bennet, who suffers from the issues of manners, morality, upbringing marriage, and education in the society of the arrived nobility of the British Regency. 

She struggles to find a suitable husband and she faces a number of antagonists, who create trouble for her to find the suitable person to get married to.

They persuade her to marry the wrong person to threaten her happiness.

Then she met proudly Mr. Darcy and it starts the romantic clash between Elizabeth and Darcy.

She felts that Darcy would be a suitable person to get married to.

Then the antagonists try to create hurdles in her way to get married to Darcy.

It is one of the best romantic stories full of drama and interest, which makes it the most-loved novel book in the English language.


Download Pride and Prejudice Pdf eBook

Download the Pdf eBook of Pride and Prejudice to read the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her romantic encounter with her Beau, Mr. Dracy.

She faces a lot of trouble from the antagonist, who first tries to persuade her to marry the wrong person and then makes issues in the way of getting married to Darcy.

Even her own pride and attitude create problems for her to get what she desires.

It is considered one of the most loved romantic novels of all time in English literature.

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Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austin

Additional Information 

All the additional extra information about this Pdf eBook shared below:

Language English
Paperback 226 Pages
ISBN-10 1503290565
ISBN-13 978-1503290563
Dimensions 6 x 0.51 x 9 inches


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

All the frequently Asked Questions about this Pride and Prejudice Pdf eBook shared below with suitable answers.

Questions about Pride and Prejudice

Who is the author of this book?

The legendary writer, Jane Austin is the author of this book.

It is one of her most popular books.

What is the publication date of this book?

This book was published in 1817 but after two centuries its popularity still remains high.

Later on, several editions of this book were published.

What is the subject of this book?

The subject of this book is manners and how the main character of this book, Elizabeth face issues and deal with her problems of manner, education, and marriage.

Who was Elizabeth Bennet?

Elizabeth Bennet is the main character of the story and all the events of the story revolve around her and the issues that she faces.

Who was Mr. Darcy?

Mr. Darcy was the Beaue of Elizabeth, she finds him as a suitable person for herself and wanted to marry him.

How to buy this Book?

You can purchase this Book from Amazon Store online, the link to buy it shared above.

Can I use this Pdf eBook for a Kindle device?

Yes, you can download Pride and Prejudice Pdf eBook and read it on any Kindle device.

If you find the language of this story difficult to understand then use this e-Book on any Tablet device with a dictionary.


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