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Parable Of The Sower Pdf By Octavia E. Butler

Parable Of The Sower Pdf is the eBook edition of the popular science fiction novel authored by the renowned American author, Octavia E. Butler in 1993, which was the first in two-book novel series.

It is a post-apocalypse science fiction genre novel that focuses on the topics of social inequality and climate change.

It is considered one of the science fiction novels and recipient of multiple awards including the New York Times Book of the year award.

Parable of the Sower Pdf eBook

Parable Of The Sower Pdf Overview

The story of the novel is set in 2024 when the futuristic American society is disturbed by climate change and social inquality due to equal distribution of wealth.

The main character of the story is an African-American teenage girl, Lauren Olamina, who is suffering from Hyper-empathy due to her mother’s drug abuse during preganency.

Due to Hyer-Empath syndrome, Lauren can feel what pains or griefs others can feel within.

She grew up in a gated community, which separate them from the poverty of the outside world.

The Rest of the story follows Lauren Olamina’s quest for freedom.

Various characters from several walks of life join her on her quest north and learn of religion, she has created called Earthseed.

In this religion, the fate of the true believers is to inhabit other planets.

Download Parable of the Sower Pdf

Download Parable Of The Sower Pdf eBook

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It is considered one of the most popular science fiction novels that focuses on the critical issues of climate change and social inequality through an interesting storyline.

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Additional Details

All the important information and details about this Pdf eBook Of this popular novel are shared below:

Author: Octavia Butler
Novel Language: English
Number Of Pages: 299 Pages
ISBN 0-941423-99-9
Publication Year 1993
Pdf File Size 3467 Kb

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