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My Lovely Wife Pdf Download By Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife Pdf eBook is the digital edition of the debut novel book by the American author, Samantha Downing in 2019 and she got wide recognition for her outstanding work.

It was a mystery-thriller novel and follows the unconventional story of a couple with a dark secret.

The debutant author, Samantha Downing brought the interesting elements of suspense, mystery, and dark comedy in the crime story of this book that will leave the readers shocked.

She got the idea of this crime novel from the real-life kidnapping of Colleen Stan.

After its publication in 2019, it instantly became an International bestseller book because of its strong thrilling story.

My Lovely Wife By Samantha Downing became of the best books of 2019 in the Mystery-thriller genre and was nominated for several literary awards including Edgar, Macavity, CWA, and ITW awards.

The Amazon studio is also planning to produce a movie based on the story of this popular novel book.

If you are looking forward to reading something unique then download, My Lovely Wife Pdf eBook to your device and read the psychological, mysterious, and thrilling story. 

My Lovely Wife Book Overview

My Lovely Wife Book Overview

The story of this book follows the insane psychotic murderous couple, who kill people just for fun and to bring excitement into their boring married life.

It is narrated by the main character, an unidentified man, and the author never discloses his real name in the whole story.

In the start, he pretends as a deaf accountant named, Tobias to seduce a woman, Petra, in a nightclub and drives to her place.

Then he went back to his home and it was revealed his real name is not Tobias as he tells her wife, Millicent, that Petra is not the right person to kill.

It was his tactic to assume the fake identity to look for the suitable person to murder with the help of his wife.

Killing people for their fun and enjoyment was the only source of excitement in their boring married life

The story of My Lovely wife has a lot of unexpected twists and turns that make things more complex as the couple is not hiding their secret from society but also from each other.

You would definitely like to read this interesting novel and appreciate Samantha Downing for it like millions of other readers. 

The Pdf eBook of this International bestseller novel could be read on any smartphone, tablet, or Kindle device.

my lovely wife Pdf eBook Download

Download My Lovely Wife Pdf eBook

If you are looking for something unique and special to read then download this Pdf eBook, My Lovely wife, and read the story of the mysterious murderous couple.

Murdering people together is the source of enjoyment in their dull married life and the only thing that saved their marriage.

They both feel excited to look for their prey and devise a strategy to plan the murder and get away without being caught.

A lot of suspense, mystery, and thrill makes it difficult to guess anything about the conclusion.

The author, Samantha Downing added different elements of suspense, dark humour, mystery, and crime into this story of her debut novel, which went on to become one of the best books of 2019.

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Buy This Book From Amazon 

You can also purchase ” My Lovely Wife By Samantha Downing” from the Amazon store online in Hardcover/paperback and also as Pdf eBook editions. 

This popular mystery-thriller novel has got all the interesting twists and turns to keep holding back the readers till the last line.

Check the link below to make the purchase:

Samantha Downing's Debut Book

Additional Details

All the additional details and information about this Pdf eBook are shared below:

Language English
Print Length 384 Pages
ISBN-10 0451491726
ISBN-13 978-0451491725
Dimensions 6.26 x 1.27 x 9.26 inches

Frequently Asked Questions About This Book

All the important questions frequently asked about this Pdf eBook, My Lovely Wife By Samantha Downings shared below with answers.

Questions About My Lovely Wife Book

When this mystery-thriller novel was published?

It was published in 2019 and it was the debut novel of the Amerian Author, Samantha Downings.

The novel turned out to be a huge success for her as it instantly became an International bestseller book.

Why this novel book is popular?

The author of this book added all the elements of suspense, thrill, mystery, and dark comedy into this crime story of the novel.

The interesting and strong story made this book one of the best books of 2019 in the mystery-thriller genre.

Is My Lovely Wife a true story?

According to Downing, the story of her debut novel is inspired by the kidnapping of Colleen Stan.

She derived the idea of a maniac murderous couple from the real-life psychotic couple, who kidnapped Colleen.

What is the name of the main character?

The name of the main character is kept secret in the whole story, in the start, he appeared with the name of Tobias but later it turned out to be his fake identity.

He used a fake identity and pretended a Deaf accountant only to look for a suitable person to kill with the help of her wife.

How can I purchase this book online?

You can purchase this best mystery-thriller novel from the Amazon store online in different editions.

The link to make the purchase is on the book page of the Store is shared above.

Can I read this Pdf eBook on a Kindle device?

Yes, you can download My Lovely Wife Pdf eBook and read it on any Kindle device for free.


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