The Monster Manual Pdf is the fundamental sourcebook for monsters in the (D&DDungeons & Dragons classic fantasy role-playing game, It included monsters derived from mythology and folklore and creatures explicitly created for D&D, Creature descriptions, including game-specific statistics, a brief description of its habits and habitats, and typically an image of the beast. 

It was first published in 1977 by TSR. The Monster Manual was the first hardcover D&D 5e book.

D&D Monster Manual Pdf

Manual Overview

The Monster Manual was a supplement to the game, meant to describe the monsters used in AD&D. The book was the essence of more than 350 monsters. Some monsters were new others were collected and revised from older sources. Each beast was listed alphabetically with a comprehensive description and complete statistics.

It is an illustrated bestiary that accumulates the most iconic monsters of the D & D classic roleplaying game and presents story hooks for each monster to spur adventures.

Written for both beginner and experienced Dungeon Masters, the book includes creatures to challenge heroes during their adventuring careers page after page.

Each monster’s information is written to help you bring the monster to life, both in terms of roleplaying and combat, and to know the monster’s place in the D&D multiverse.

The creatures described in this tome occupy a wide variety of locations, from the darkest caverns of the Underdark to the far-flung Outer Planes.

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Additional Details

All the additional information and the details about this D&D 5e Pdf eBook are shared below:

Author Gary Gygax
Genre Role-playing game
Publisher TSR
Publication date
December 1977
Format Pdf
Pages 112
ISBN 0-935696-00-8
Pdf File Size 794