Metaphysics Pdf eBook authored by Micheal J. Loux provides a contemporary introduction such as The nature of metaphysics with some historical references and as category theory.

Metaphysics is a discipline with a deep history, and throughout that history, the discipline has been formulated in a different way of thoughts.

These different thoughts associate different methodologies and even various subject matters with the discipline; anyone attempting to write an introductory text on metaphysics must pick from these conceptions.

metaphysics Pdf eBook


Philosophers have conflicting views about the nature of metaphysics. Aristotle and the scholars of the medieval give us two different descriptions of the discipline.

Sometimes, they describe it as the effort to identify the first causes, in particular, God or the Unmoved Mover; sometimes, as the very common science of being qua being.

By contrast, The rationalists of the 17th and 18th centuries expanded the scope of metaphysics.

They took it to be concerned not solely with the nature and existence of God but also with the difference between mind and body, freedom of the will and the immortality of the soul.

The empiricists and Immanuel Kant were critical of both rationalist and Aristotelian thoughts of metaphysics, arguing that they explore to exceed the limits of human knowledge. Still, even Kant thought that there could be a legitimate kind of metaphysical knowledge.

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