Troy Stetina’s Metal Lead Guitar Volume 1 Pdf Download

Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 Pdf Book

With an easy-to-understand, player-oriented approach, this powerful Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 Pdf Book teaches you the basics of lead guitare technique using metal method also known as Stylistic Method. Real metal licks, runs, and whole compositions are all infused with metal notions, theory, and musical principles.

Learn 12 completely transcribed heavy metal solos, ranging from easy to scary, at your own pace,

Different music examples are also included in this book.

Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 by Troy Stetina Pdf Book

Metal Lead Guiatre Pdf Overview

This Guitar pdf book teaches you the different techniques used by several lead metal guitarists, including Randy Rhodes, Van Halen, George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.

Each approach is used in eleven solos that progress in complexity as the process progresses. The complete lead track to the heavy metal instrumental is featured in the volume’s final segment.

Many guitarists discover that after mastering a few fundamental soloing methods, such as the blues scale and bending techniques, their riffs and solos sound the same.

They get bored with their games and are stuck in a rut. To prevent being stuck in these ruts, you’ll need to broaden your guitar knowledge and adopt approaches that improve rather than limit your skill.

You can get out of or avoid these sorts of ruts with a bit of practice using this Lead Method approach, and your playing will be more expressive, creative, and entertaining.

Those who have a lot of expertise and know-how to interpret rhythm notation may want to use the lead technique. If you have trouble reading rhythms, go back to the portion of the Rhythm Guitar book where rhythms are discussed in greater depth.

This book comprises six solos divided into six portions, each preparing you for the solo that follows it. Throughout the technique, the solos “To the stage,” “Danger Ahead,” “Open fire,” “From the heart,” “Into the limelight,” and “The heavy side” get increasingly challenging.

About Author

Troy Stetina is a guitarist, solo performer, and music instructor who has performed worldwide. Troy, who specializes in rock, metal, and classical-electric guitar, has written over 50 books, CDs, and DVDs on the subject, which have sold over 1 million copies worldwide and helped a generation of guitarists achieve guitar mastery.

Troy uses PRS guitars, Dimis guitars, Engl amps, and Dunlop strings, all of which he endorses.

Download Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 Pdf

Download Metal Lead Guitar Vol. 1 Pdf eBook

Get this Guitare Pdf book by famous guitarist Troy Stetina, which helps you to learn the lead guitar techniques through metal method.

This book is highly recommended if you have a solid foundation in guitar playing and want to explore lead guitar.

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