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C.S. Lewis, the most important writer of the twentieth century, discusses the common ground on which all Christians stand together in this eBook Mere Christianity Pdf. It brings together Lewis’ iconic broadcast talks from World War II, as well as his three previous books The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality, to give believers and nonbelievers alike an unrivalled chance to hear this strong apologetic for the Christian faith.

Mere Christianity Pdf eBook

Mere Christianity Pdf Book Overview

C. S. Lewis’s book, developed from a series of BBC radio talks broadcast between 1941 and 1944 while Lewis was studying at Oxford during WWII.  The book is regarded as a classic in Christian apologetics.

He emphasized his desire to sidestep contentious theological doctrine by focusing on essential Christian ideas in the prologue to later editions.  

Lewis’s use of short and pithy language allowed him to reach a wide audience while still keeping academic substance for more in-depth readers.

In August 1941, Lewis conducted live talks entitled “Right or Wrong: A Clue to the Meaning of the Universe,” which would become the first book in Mere Christianity, every Wednesday from 7:45 pm to 8 pm.

The first set of presentations was extremely well-received, and Lewis was inundated with both adoring and enraged comments. As a result of the positive feedback, Lewis returned to the airwaves to address listener queries.

Lewis presented the next set of speeches on “What Christians Believe” in January and February of the following year.

The talks were well-received, and Lewis’ publisher was delighted to reprint the televised talks as books that year, following the success of the freshly released The Screwtape Letters.

Download Mere Christianity Pdf

Download Mere Christianity Pdf

Get this Pdf eBook, which is one of the most popular introductions to the Christian faith ever written, has sold millions of copies around the world.

The book collects C. S. Lewis’s famous radio talks during the war years, talks in which he simply set out to “explain and defend the idea that has been shared by practically all Christians throughout history.”

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