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Lord Of the Flies By William Golding Pdf

Lord Of The Flies Pdf eBook is the digital version of the debut novel of the Noble Prize winner British Author William Golding, which was published in 1954 and got significant popularity.

After its publication, it became the best-seller book of its time and Author, William Golding got wide acclamation for his work.

The popularity of this novel increases with time and is rated as 3rd most favourite book in the UK schools.

It is considered one of the most popular novels in the Young-Adult Genre, and in 2005 Times Magazines included in its list of best English novels of the last century.

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The Lord Of The Flies Story Overview

The Story of Flies Pdf by William Golding follows a group of young English boys, who get trapped on an inhabited island after their plane crashed there, and their failed childish attempts to make themselves disciplined.

The Story’s main characters are three young boys from the group, named Jack, Piggy, and Ralph, but the author focused on Ralph and his thinking process. After finding themselves stranded on an isolated Island, they start to organize themselves, choose their leaders, and set new rules and laws to follow.

They also make different groups and assign them the various tasks to perform while on the Island and start to do other things to make their survival possible. As the Story of the novel progresses, the childish and immature behaviour of the boys became visible as they started to make conflicts among themselves over trivial matters.

The author, William Golding, tried to depict the natural human behaviour in the Story that naturally humans wanted to live life by rules and included the evil instinct that causes the conflicts and lawlessness.

Lord Of The Flies is considered one of the best novels in the Young-Adult genre. Since its publication in 1954, it has remained a popular and favourite book among young readers in the UK.

Download Lord Of The Flies Pdf eBook:

Download the Pdf eBook of the popular Young-Adult Novel By William Godling, which is considered one of his most popular books.

The Story of this novel follows a group of English boys, who tried to organize themselves after landing on a deserted island.

This book is rated as 3rd most favourite book by the school kids in the United Kingdom.

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Additional Information (Lotf PDF):

All the extra details and information about this book are shared below:

Book Language English
Number Of Pages 224 Pages
ISBN-10 0399501487
ISBN-13 978-0399501487
Book Dimensions 4.19 x 0.57 x 7.5 inches

Book By William Golding

Frequently Asked Questions

All the important questions with answers related to the Lord Of The Flies Pdf eBook are shared below:

When this book was published?

Lord of flies was published in 1954 and was the debut novel of the British Nobel Prize winner author, William Golding.

What is the subject of the story of this loft pdf?

The Story of this novel is about a group of young boys who landed on an isolated island after their plane crashed there and then their childish attempts to make them disciplined.

The author tried to depict basic human nature through the story of his debut novel.

How to purchase this book?

You can purchase this popular novel book by William Golding from the Amazon store in paperback or hardcover editions.

Can I use this Lord of the flies eBook For Kindle Device?

Yes, you can download Lord Of The Flies Pdf eBook and use it on any Kindle device for free.


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