Like Water for Chocolate Pdf by Laura Esquivel, the novel’s story follows a young girl named Tita, who yearns for her dear, Pedro, but can never have him because her mother upholds the family tradition: the youngest daughter cannot marry. Instead, she must take care of her mother until she dies. Tita is only able to communicate herself when she cooks.

This novel was originally published in Spanish (Como agua para chocolate) in 1992, the English version was published in 1995.

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Novel Description

Like Water for Chocolate is a novel written in 1989 by Mexican Laura Esquivel that follows a young girl named Tita who yearns for her dear, Pedro, but cannot have him because her family’s tradition demands that she marry another man.

The novel begins towards the end of the Mexican Revolution and follows the life of Tita and her family. As Tita grows up, she realizes that she cannot be with the man she loves and must marry someone she does not love. This becomes more apparent when the novel focuses on Pedro and Tita’s love affair.

The main character, Tita, is in love with her brother-in-law, Pedro. Pedro is in love with Tita’s sister, Rosaura. The two are going to get married. Tita is very sad because she will never be with the man she loves, but she is happy for her sister.

Tita’s sister is also sad but happy because she loves Pedro. Everyone is so happy that they will have a wedding, but Tita is sad.

At the wedding, Pedro and Rosaura get married. Then after the wedding, Pedro and Rosaura go on their honeymoon. Pedro and Rosaura come back from the honeymoon with Tita’s sister pregnant the next day. Tita is very jealous and angry.

When Rosaura is pregnant, everybody tells Tita that she has to take good care of her sister and make sure she eats. Tita does everything for her sister.

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Download Like Water For Chocolate Pdf

Get this Pdf novel to read Tita’s story, which is one of frustration, heartbreak, secrets, lies, and food. It is a novel that weaves magic and romance

The author has used kitchen imagery in the novel’s story to evoke a sentimental feeling and how the author’s native culture inspires this book.

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