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Letter from Birmingham Jail Pdf is the eBook of the letter written by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963; also known as The Negro is your brother and Letter from Birmingham City Jail.

It states that it is the moral responsibility of the people to resist and break unjust laws and take action directly rather than waiting for the justice delivered by courts.

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote this letter during the 1963 Birmingham campaign and responded to the call for unity with it.

Later, it became an essential text during the American civil rights movement and was widely published.

Luther King Jr. wrote this letter during his imprisonment in the Birmingham jail on April 16, 1963, when he served a sentence to participate in civil rights demonstrations.

This letter from Birmingham jail is a remarkable essay that directed the world’s attention to Birmingham and drove the great March on Washington.

Letter from the Birmingham Jail Pdf is both a compelling testimony of peaceful demonstration and a remarkable effort to end social discrimination and racial injustice that remain powerful today as it was at that time.

The letter from Birmingham Jail Pdf

The letter from Birmingham Jail Pdf  Overview

Letter from Birmingham Jail Pdf is an ebook of the most popular letter written by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the American civil rights demonstrations, which is widely considered the most comprehensive and effective written statement against racial injustice and discrimination.

Martin Luther King Jr. makes an excellent case for the legality of nonviolent direct action to accomplish the aim of bringing those down to the table who refused to negotiate.

He also addresses the statement made by the clergymen that his actions and activities in Alabama, Birmingham were ill-advised and wrong.

He nicely explained the difference between unjust and just laws with perfect examples.

He also used many brilliant quotes from different great philosophers, former American presidents, and biblical characters and cited their actions for references.

One of his many famous quotes is ” Injustice anywhere is threat to the justice everywhere”.

Finally, Martin Luther King Jr. apologizes for the length of this letter, The letter from Birmingham Jail pdf,  but justifies it by telling the readers that he had extended hours while imprisoned in Birmingham Jail.

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Download The letter from Birmingham Jail pdf and read this popular letter which became a very prominent text during the American civil right demonstrations and one of the widely published texts of that time.
King’s letter responded to various criticisms made by the white clergymen, who raised the notion of “A Call for Unity,” who agreed that social discrimination and injustices existed but argued that the battle against racial discrimination and injustice should be fought in the courts and not the streets.

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