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Just Mercy Pdf eBook

The Pdf eBook of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption is a memoir by renowned American Lawyer Bryan Stevenson that gives an overview of his career as a lawyer for disadvantaged clients. 

After its publication in 2014, the book mostly received many positive reviews and was praised by several celebrities.

It was New York Times Bestseller book and recipient of multiple non-fiction book awards and honours.

It was also named in the top ten of the decade’s most influential books in December 2019 by CNN.

Just Mercy Pdf eBook


This book is a memoir about Stevenson’s career as a lawyer and his extraordinary work for poor clients, mainly focusing on his struggles to overturn the unjust conviction of Walter McMillian for the killing of Ronda Morrison, a young white woman.

McMillian has sentenced to death when Stevenson started working on his case in the 1980s.

The case is the CenterPoint throughout the book and acts as the main narrative; the chapters rotate between visiting different aspects of the McMillian case over time.

A concise history of the Equal Justice Initiative is also presented in the book.

The book’s main topic is the injustices and power abuse that happen in the criminal justice system of the United States, which had the world’s highest imprisonment rate at the time of publication.

Steven’s brilliant work for other disadvantaged clients, including his efforts to ban and overturn life sentences given to juveniles for their crimes, is also included in this memoir.

Download Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson Pdf

Download Just Mercy Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this popular memoir book by Bryan Stevenson, which accounts for his career as a lawyer while working for the poor clients who became the victim of flaws in the United State’s criminal system.

The book discusses Walter McMillian’s case several times and some other high-profile cases, including Stevenson’s efforts to overturn the harsh punishments for Juveniles.

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