Jane Eyre Pdf eBook By Charlotte Bronte 

Jane Eyre pdf is the eBook of the popular novel written by the renowned English author Charlotte Bronte in 1847; it got huge popularity after its publication after initial brief controversy because it addressed issues considered sensitive at that time.

In modern times, Jane Eyre has acquired the status of a classic novel and an essential part of English literature.

It is widely considered one of the most famous romance novels of all time, along with Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austin

The author, Charlotte Bronte, included the aspect of social criticism centered around morality in this popular novel’s story. 

It brought revolutionary changes in prose fiction as the first of its kind that focused on spiritual and moral development.

The popularity of this novel remains high as the ever-green interesting story of Jane Eyre keeps attracting its readers.

Jane Eyre eBook Overview 

The Story of this Pdf eBook follows a young girl named Jane Eyre, as the main character and the narrator. 

It is set somewhere in England in the late eighteen century during the tenure of George–III. 

The Story covers the following five different stages of Jane’s life:

  • Her childhood, when she is emotionally tortured by her cousins and abusive aunt. 
  • Her educational period in the school, where she gets many friends but also faces different issues like oppression.
  • The third stage covers her time as Governeress when she felt love for her sub-ordinate, Edward Rochester.
  • The 4th stage is about her stay in Moor House, where her serious-minded clergyman cousin, St. John Rivers proposes to her.
  • Then, in the final stage of this novel, all the events sum to bring the conclusion of the story that covers the important life events Of Jane.

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Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte is regarded as the best romantic novel of all time and a classic of English literature.

The author of this classic novel, Charlotte Bronte added the elements of moral values, spiritual development, and romance in the story.

Though first published in 1847, it remains one of the most popular novels in modern times as well.

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Extra Information about the Book

All the extra additional information about this novel book shared below:

Language English
Number of Pages 290 Pages
Publisher Createspace Publishers
ISBN-10 1503278190
Book Dimensions 6.69 x 0.66 x 9.61 inches

A Classic Romantic Novel Of All Time

FAQs – Questions People Also Ask

All the important questions related to this romantic novel, Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte shared below with relevant answers.

When this novel was published for the first time?

Jane Eyre was published in 1947 for the first time in England and the American edition of this classic novel was published in 1848.

What was the initial response to this novel after its publication?

After its publication, it was subject to brief controversy because sensitive issues at that time were addressed in the story but later on, it gained huge popularity, which still remains high.

It is widely considered as one of the most popular Romantic Novels Of all time.

Why Jane Eyre is considered the best Romantic novels Of all time?

The author of this classic novel, Charlotte Bronte centered the romantic story around Christian moral values, spiritual development in such a way that it addresses several issues like feminism, religion, and class system at the same time.

It discussed those issues, which were not the major concern at that time, and help the readers to enlighten their minds regarding those issues.

Modern book reviewers considered that it was ahead of its time that made it one the classic novel book of English literature.

How to Buy this Book online?

You can purchase the hardcover or paperback editions of this popular novel by Charlotte Bronte from the Amazon Store online.

Can I use this Pdf eBook on my Kindle Device?

Yes, you can download the Jane Eyre Pdf eBook of this classic Romantic novel and read it on any Kindle device for free.