If You Give a Mouse A Cookie Pdf By Laura Numeroff And Felicia Bond

Download if you give a mouse a cookie Pdf

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Pdf is a children’s eBook authored by American writer Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond, which was their first collaboration, published in 1985. 

After its publication, it became an instant favourite and popular book of Childern.

It is the first part of the “If you give” Children’s book series by Laura and Felicia.

Download if you give a mouse a cookie Pdf

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Pdf Description

The story of this children eBook is told from the perspective of a second person when a boy gives a cookie to a mouse.

After getting cooking, the mouse asks for a glass of milk and then also request several things one by one, such as a straw, mirror, broom and nail scissors.

Then, he wanted to have a story read to him while taking a nap, and also draw pictures and hang them on the refrigerator.

While looking into the refrigerator, he gets thirsty and asks for a glass of milk, thus completing a circle, when he wanted a cookie with it.

Download if you give a mouse a cookie Pdf

Download If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf copy of this popular children’s illustrated eBook by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond, which is considered the most popular and favourite book of childern.

In this eBook,  all the story is told with beautiful illustrations that attract and make it easy for the children to read and understand the whole story of a mouse.

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Additional Details

All the important information and the details about this Children’s Pdf eBook are shared below:

Author: Laura Numeroff
Illutrator: Felicia Bond
Publication Year: 1985
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 7 Mb

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