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[PDF] House of Darkness: House of Light Volume 1

House of Darkness: House of Light- The True Story Volume 1 by Andrea Perron Pdf eBook presents an uplifting monument to the human spirit’s perseverance on a path of discovery: an immortal journey for both the living and the dead.

The first volume of this horror book was published in 2011.

House of Darkness: House of Light- The True Story, Vol. 1 Pdf eBook

House of Darkness: House of Light Pdf eBook Volume 1 Overview

In December of 1970, Roger and Carolyn Perron bought the house of their dreams, which turned out to be their worst nightmare. The Arnold Estate, located just outside of Harrisville, Rhode Island, appeared to be the perfect place to raise a family.

Inadvertently, the couple moved their five young girls into the old and mysterious farmhouse. Secrets were held and revealed within a space inhabited by mortals and immortals alike.

Time was suddenly irrelevant, as ghosts made their presence known before dissipating into the ether. The house serves as a gateway to the past and a passageway to the future. It is a holy spiritual enlightenment story told thirty years from now.

The family is now less hesitant to share a previously secret experience. The eldest sibling’s narrative of their adventure is a complete account of a supernatural tale.

In a vain attempt to intercede on their behalf, Ed and Lorraine Warren examined this haunting. They see the Perron family narrative as one of the most captivating and crucial in their illustrious paranormal investigation career.

They unleashed an evil hostess, the ghost known as Bathsheba, a God-forsaken soul, during a séance gone wrong. She didn’t like the rivalry because she considered herself the mistress of the house.

Carolyn has been under assault for a long time, with empty threats of fire, a mother’s worst nightmare. It had an inconceivable effect on the woman. After nearly a decade, the family has left a once-loved home behind, but it will never leave them, as a memory haunts everyone.

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Download House of Darkness: House of Light Pdf eBook

Get this Pdf eBook by Andrea Perron, this book provides a rare glimpse into what it was like to live in a haunted house with an evil spirit and how the family of seven was influenced by their decade on the farm.

Despite the mayhem the ghosts generated in the Perrons’ home, Andrea did an excellent job of portraying how idyllic and calm their existence in the countryside was.

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Page Count: 528
Book Language: English
Dimensions: 6×9
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 3 Mb

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