Health: The Basics by Donatelle 13th Edition PDF Download

Health: The Basics by donatelle PDF 13th edition

In order to keep students interested in learning and leading healthy lives, Health: The Basics PDF book by Rebecca Donatelle integrates well-researched health information with current, practical topics that most directly affect students’ lives.

The 13th Edition incorporates mindfulness research, tools, and practices throughout, enabling students to do so in order to better their academic performance, cut through the clutter of daily life, and become more present and focused.

Health: The Basics by donatelle PDF 13th edition

Health: The Basics PDF Book Overview

This PDF book expands on its strengths of using the most recent, scientifically valid research, examining significant issues and controversies about health today, and inspiring students to become “actively engaged in health” at all levels in addition to new content on sleep and health, diversity, and health equity.

Health the basics by Rebecca Donatelle PDF

About Author

For the past 20 years, Rebecca Donatelle has worked as a professor in Oregon State University’s College of Health and Human Sciences Department of Public Health.

She has served on more than 50 national, state, regional, and university committees dedicated to enhancing student academic success and enhancing the public’s health in her capacity as department chair and program coordinator for the Health Promotion and Health Behavior Program (bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs).

She has also mentored and taught tens of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, which is what matters most to her.

Download Health: The Basics PDF

Download Health The Basics by Donatelle 13th Edition PDF

Get this latest 13 edition of this health book by Rebecca Donatelle helping the students to boost their academic efficiency by enhancing their focus.

We are currently facing unheard-of health concerns for both individuals and communities. Our future health will be ensured by being aware of these issues and having a personal plan to maintain, protect, and promote health.

This book provides all the important knowledge and discusses different ways to protect and promote health in a better way.

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