Great Expectations PDF By Charles Dickens [Free Ebook + Reviews]

Great Expectations Pdf eBook

Great Expectations Pdf  is a coming-of-age novel eBook by Charles Dickens, which depicts the education of an orphan nicknamed Pip and fully narrated in the first person. In the 21st century, the novel maintains good ratings among literary critics, and it was ranked 17th on The Big Read poll in 2003.

The novel is translated into many languages worldwide and adapted many times into several media adaptions.

Great Expectations Pdf eBook

Great Expectations [Book Overview]:

Pip is a seven-year-old orphan living with his ill-tempered older sister and her generous blacksmith husband Joe Gargery on the riverine marshes of Kent.

On Christmas Eve 1812, Pip is visiting the graves of his siblings and parents when he unexpectedly meets an escaped convict, Dragging a large shackle from an injured leg, who threatens him with death if he does not come back with tools and food.

Terrified, Pip accepts his instructions without resistance and takes a file from among Joe’s tools and a pie and brandy that what meant for Christmas dinner, which he gives to the convict.

Years later, after Pip has formed a warm relationship with the strange Mrs. Havisham, fallen into unexpected success in London, and found himself grasped by love for the sweet Estella, that the actual outcomes of that night in the graveyard finally come to light.

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Additional Details:

All the important details about Charles dickens great expectations pdf are shared below:

Author Charles Dickens
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Novel, Bildungsroman
Published Serialized 1860–61; book form 1861
Number Of Pages 544
Format Pdf
Pdf File Size 3 Mb

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