FIA Mcqs For ASI, SI, Constable,UDC/LDC in PDF

Fia Mcqs for SI, ASI, Constables, UDC, LDC and Assistant

Recently, many posts of FIA Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), Sub Inspector (SI), Constables, Assistant, Upper Divisional Clerk (UDC), and Lower Divisional Clerk(LDC) are announced and these FIA Past Paper Mcqs Pdf will help you to cover the syllabus of these posts.

Mcqs Past papers are always important to have an idea about the syllabus and the paper structure of any post.

Often most important MCQs keep repeating in different papers and those who study the past papers can easily secure good marks.

Syllabus For FIA ASI, SI, Constable, Assitant, UDC, and LDC

Before studying, it’s important to know about the Syllabus as it will help you to plan your studies

If you intending to secure good marks then you have to study comprehensively for these FIA posts by studying the following syllabus topics for ASI, SI, Constable, Assistant, UDC, and LDC posts.

The MCQs in the papers for all of these posts would be from the above-mentioned topics.

You have to cover all these topics in detail and I have shared all the important MCQs from the past papers for of all these topics in Pdf format.

To facilitate the Aspirates gearing up for the study of FIA posts, I have also Provided the past paper that will help the aspirants to know about the most important Mcqs and the paper structure.

How To Start Preparation For FIA Jobs

It will take 1-2 months after the registration closes, for tests of all above mentioned FIA posts, so you have enough time to do your studies.

I have laid down the strategy for how you can start your preparations for these jobs.

First of all, you need to focus on English as it plays a key role in getting higher marks, and most probably 20-40 MCQs will be from English Portion.

Try to daily remember at least 10 Synonyms/Antonyms. So that at the time of the test, you would have remembered at least 500-800.

Learn the rules for prepositions, never try to memorize them because doing so would complicated things.

It’s easy to learn the rules to use the preposition and daily practice will help you a lot.

Learn the rules of Direct/Indirect and Active/Passive Voice and practice it daily to secure full marks of these MCQs.

Focus on the basic grammar, such as Tenses, structure, and types of sentences, verb, adverb, adjectives, etc.

All of these Past Paper will be very helpful for you in your preparation for these posts and help you to score good marks to get shortlisted for further process.


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