FIA Act 1974 Mcqs In PDF For FIA ASI, SI, Constable,UDC,LDC Posts

FIA Act 1974 mcqs Pdf

FIA Act 1974 Mcqs in Pdf shared here for Aspirants to help them in their preparation for the upcoming FIA job tests and this Act is a mandatory part of the test.

The FIA act of 1974 defines the whole functioning and responsibilities of FIA as an important institution of Pakistan to act as the main law enforcement agency for the Federal in different matters to aid the Federal and provincial departments.

Everything about this law enforcement institution is mentioned in this act and it is a mandatory part of the upcoming tests for the above-mentioned posts.

FIA Act 1974 mcqs in Pdf

In all the past papers of FIA taken by different testing agencies such NTS, OTS etc, this act was an integral part of these tests.

Usually, 20 MCQs come from this part of the test and if you read it in detail, you will get all of these 20 marks easily.

FIA act mcqs in pdf

How to prepare FIA Act 1974?

It is strongly recommended, instead of memorizing the MCQs, you should study the whole act and understand the functioning and all other responsibilities mentioned in it.

Because, if you understand it then any kind of question from this part would get easy for you.

The Pdf file of this FIA Act 1974 shared here includes the important information of the act along with important MCQs.

FIA Act 1974

First, read the whole text and try to understand it, divide into different portion and give it a try daily.

It will take only 7-10 days to get a full understanding of this act and then you can solve any MCQ from this portion of the syllabus.

Otherwise, just memorizing each and every MCQ will increase your workload and make it complex.

Download FIA Act 1974 In Pdf with Mcqs

Download this act of 1974 to cover this mandatory part of the syllabus that covers important 20 marks.

Try to read the whole text and clear your concepts about the functioning and responsibilities of FIA as an important institution of Pakistan.

Click the button below to get the Pdf file on your devices.

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