Everyone’s an Author PDF 2nd Edition

Everyone's An Author PDF Free 2nd edition

Get Everyone’s an author in PDF Format and read this amazing book focusing on academic writing that aims to help the students to enhance their writing skills in the best possible way. It focuses on modern writing style and encourages the readers/students to find out the real difference between their academic writing and everyday writings.

The 2nd edition of this PDF Book also provides an innovative latest rhetoric that teaches some of the best concepts in the area of composition.

Everyone's An Author PDF Free 2nd edition

Everyone’s an author PDF Book Overview

This academic writing book teaches students how to write across varying mediums and covers the genres that college students need to study. It connects Facebook and academic writing by demonstrating how students’ ingrained social media habits might guide them to enhance their academic writing.

In modern times, academic writing has gone through drastic changes and wide-scale usage of social media by students has made writing ubiquitous.

There is a need to realize how students can use their social media writings to enhance their academic writing skills.

The terms “author” and “everyone” are combined in the book title. Obviously, “author” permeates our book from the Introduction, which shows students the numerous ways they are already authors, to the final chapter, which offers guidance on how to publish their writing.

In fact, every chapter in the book makes the assumption that students are capable of producing information, sharing it with others, and writing books.

Additionally, it offers a solid rhetorical framework that directs students in the choices they must make as authors in the modern era.

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Book Reviews

Some of the best reviews of Everyone’s an Author PDF book by popular academic writers are shared below:

Writing as it actually is today—writing with words, images, and sounds, writing for print and the internet, writing for all the places where it’s happening now—is the subject of this book. That immediately distinguishes it from the majority of existing rhetorics. – Clyde Moneyhun, University of Boise

“I truly appreciate the writers’ framing of social media as a tool for productivity rather than as a hindrance to excellent student writing,” from Casie Fedukovich of North Carolina State University’s

“The amount of support is ideal for students, and I’m particularly impressed by the focus on writing across disciplinary boundaries, communities and cultures, mediums, and genres. This book promotes rhetorical sophistication. – Rolf Norgaard, University of Colorado

Download Everyone's An Author PDF

Download Everyone’s an Author PDF Book

If you are a student looking to enhance your academic writing then it is one of the academic writing books, you will ever find. It uses the power of social media and helps college students to improve their writing powers.

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PDF Book Information

All the important details and the information about the Everyones an Author PDF book are shared below:

Book Language: English
Number of Pages 1185 Pages
Format: PDF
PDF File Size: 30 MB


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