Enrique’s Journey Pdf is the eBook of the famous bestseller book by American author Sonia Nazario, which is the tale of a Boy’s dangerous journey to Reunite with his lost Mother.

It was published in 2006 and instantly became a best-seller book, which received wide acclamation from the critics.

This non-fiction book has already been translated into eight different world languages, and the Spanish and English editions were sold in the United States.

Enrique's Journey Pdf eBook

Enrique’s Journey By Sonia Nazario Overview

This book tells the heart-touching story of a Seventeen-year-old boy from Honduras who travels across the United States looking for her lost Mother.

Enrique was only five years old when his mother, Lourdes, decided to relocate to the United States to support her children from Honduras financially.

She hoped to earn enough money to fulfill her children’s basic needs, send them to a good school and provide them a better life.

Lourdes promised him that she would return soon, but her struggle to earn a promising future for her children traped her to America.

As the year went by, Enrique started to miss her mother more than ever and begged her to come back as he became trouble and lonely without her.

Download Enrique's Journey Pdf

Download Enrique’s Journey Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this popular non-fiction book by Sonia Nazario, which tells the story of young Enrique and his quest to find his mother in United States.

The emotional and heart-touching story of this book made it best national seller book in US.

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Additional Information

All the important details about this Pdf eBook of Sonia Nazario’s best seller book are shared below:

Author: Sonia Nazario
Publication Year 2006
Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 211 Pages
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 1.25 Mb