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devops for dummies pdf book cover

The DevOps For Dummies Pdf takes a simple business-centric approach to help the readers to learn all the essentials of DevOps. The fast-moving modern world makes DevOps important to all businesses that must be elegant and lean enough to react rapidly to transformations such as customer demands, market conditions, regulatory requirements, or competitive pressures.

devops for dummies pdf book cover

Book Description

The book is the new addition to the “For Dummies Pdf” book series, which helps the readers to learn all the essentials of DevOps in simple plain language with easy-to-understand examples for beginners.

DevOps adopts the modern culture of unifying the innovation and distribution of technology to allow for faster release cycles and more resource-efficient product updating. This Pdf book of DevOps For Dummies guides those on the operations developmental side needing an introductory textbook on the practical way of working.

Professional Emily Freeman provides a roadmap for embracing the management and technology tools and the cultural changes required to dive head-first into DevOps in this DevOps book.

  • Recognize your organization’s needs
  • Make a DevOps framework
  • Transform your organizational structure
  • Manage different projects in the DevOps world

It is important reading for operations professionals and developers in the early stages of DevOps adoption.

This book is meant for decision-makers, practitioners, executives, beginners in the field of DevOps, who aim for more information about the approach and clear the concepts.

Download devops for dummies pdf

Download DevOps For Dummies Pdf

Get this Pdf book for dummies, Which helps beginners to understand and learn the DevOps essentials in a very simple yet effective way with easy-to-understand examples. It enables software engineers and tech leaders to change their organizations to embrace a DevOps framework.

The book helps beginners identify organizational needs, create a DevOps framework, change the organizational structure or manage projects.

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