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R Talsorian Games Cyberpunk Red Pdf

Cyberpunk RED Pdf is the latest edition of the iconic Dark Future roleplaying game, with revised mechanics and a fresh narrative set in 2045, halfway between Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk 2077.

This is the only rulebook you’ll ever need to play the game. Each character position has a distinct and broad special power, and the Lifepath system ensures that each player character has a distinct and fleshed-out backstory.

With lethal firearms and melee weapons, powerful martial arts, and a visceral critical injury system, combat is for the long haul.

R Talsorian Games Cyberpunk Red Pdf

Cyberpunk Red Pdf Overview

The Fourth Corporate War has over, and the great dogs have retired to their corners to lick their wounds. Everyone else is left to their own devices in a shattered world.

And that’s perfectly acceptable. Because your wrists have interface plugs, your limbs have metal, and your skull has chips. You’re connected, chrome-loaded, and ready to go to the Edge.

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there. Perhaps this time you’ll be able to do more than just save yourself. Maybe.

Cyberpunk RED isn’t out to destroy the planet. However, it resets many aspects of that universe without making it unrecognisable.

The dangerous streets of Night City are still there, but there is a slew of new characters and challenges lurking in the shadows.

Furthermore, RED enables us to develop something unprecedented in gaming history: a tabletop RPG that acts as the ideal most of for the Cyberpunk 2077 arc’s expanded and far future.

Cyberpunk Red Pdf Features

Corebook Features

All the important features of Cyberpunk Red PDF are shared below:

  • A detailed, in-depth look into Night City’s history and geography, as well as the larger Cyberpunk world, including much of lore surrounding the Time of the Red
  • Rockerboys, lethal Solos, quick-hacking Netrunners, imaginative Techs, lifesaving Medtechs, hard-hitting Media, duty-bound Lawmen, scheming Execs, clever Fixers, and range-riding Nomads are among the ten unique Roles available to you
  • A vast array of handy gadgets, powerful weapons, protective armour, and sparkling cyberware to aid you in your quest to control the streets.
  • Three Screamsheet experiences to introduce you to the world of Cyberpunk
  • Pregenerated enemies for the Combat Zones and Corporate compounds, as well as encounters that make use of them to bring the City to life

Download Cyberpunk Red Pdf

Download Cyberpunk Red PDF

Get this Pdf core rule book, which provides everything to play this RPG. It is the latest edition of the classic Cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game.

It is the result of hundreds of hours of real-world study and planning, and it introduces a new arc in which practically all of the characteristics of Cyberpunk that we all love are present, but in new forms and with some interesting new twists.

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Additional Information

All the important additional details and the information about this core rule Pdf eBook are shared below:

Number of Pages:458 pages
Pdf File Size:22 Mb

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