If you are a young Computer programmer seeking employment opportunities in the big tech giants. In that case, Cracking The Coding Interview Pdf eBook will help you prepare for IT-related Job interviews.

Cracking The Coding Interview 6th edition includes 189 Interview questions ranging from the simple to advanced-level algorithm problem that will help crack any programming job interview effectively.

All the information about Computer Programming and the strategies discussed in this book will help the young coders and Information Technology graduates to prepare themselves decently. Many important programming questions are shared in this book by the big Giants like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Microsoft etc.


So, If you are looking forward to securing an excellent job as a programmer or coder. In that case, Cracking the Coding Interview Pdf Book will provide you with the best information, strategies and guidance.

All the essential topics usually discussed in coding job interviews are comprehensively covered in this book, making it one of the most popular interviews preparation books.

Best Book For Coding Interviews

Features Of Cracking the Coding Interview PDF:

All the important and essential features of this Programming Interview preparation book are shared below:

  • 189 important Interview questions asked by the big companies 
  • First few chapters of the book help to refresh your basic coding concepts
  • Advance level coding concepts theories and algorithm problems are discussed in detail
  • Best Strategies to tackle any complex question
  • Systematic approach and methodology to help the aspirants to prepare them to appear in the job interviews with  full confidence by providing them essential knowledge

As mentioned above, this book’s features are good enough if you want to cover/refresh a list of IT topics.

Cracking The Coding Interview Pdf  [Book Overview]:

Download this popular programming interview preparation book to your devices and gear up your preparation with the knowledge, strategies and information provided in this book to tackle the complex questions.

It is one of the most popular book preferred by the IT Graduates to crack the coding interview. You will find this book very help to refresh your knowledge and basics to advance level question asked by IT companies.

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Cracking the coding interview Book

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Additional Information [6th Edition]:  

All the extra details and the information about this Pdf eBook shared below:

Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 200+
Pdf File Size: 54 Mb
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN 0984782850

Is Cracking the Code PDF worth it?

Yes, you will get all the essential information and strategies to crack any programming related job interview. All the basic to advance level information is shared in this book that help the young IT graduates in their job interview.