Class 4th Computer PDF Book Free Download

class 4th computer book pdf free

Class 4th Computer PDF Book is about computer history and helps the students to learn how computers have developed since their invention by contrasting different generations of computers and their classification. There are six different units in this book discussing different aspects and functions of computers. 

This book is according to the syllabus of KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan), India.

class 4th computer book pdf free

Chapters in 4th Computer PDF Book

We will learn more about the word processor in Unit II, particularly the different views of a word document by examining the View Menu. We will study Windows Explorer, a fascinating idea and utility included in the Windows operating system, in Unit III.

This unit will teach us how to view and control all of the computer system’s content from a single window.

Using the numerous capabilities offered by the Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation software, we will learn in Unit-IV how to create straightforward yet powerful presentations and how to set up slide shows.

We will cover some fundamental Excel Spreadsheet ideas in Unit V, including how to create tables and do quick calculations that are necessary for day-to-day tasks.

We will also familiarise ourselves with the various Windows Accessories components and learn how and when to use them in Unit-VI.

Then in the last Unit-VII, we will attempt to investigate Control Panel and how it may be used to control various computer settings.

Download Class 4th Computer PDF Book

Get this book and Learn about the various computer inventions, comprehend the technological advancements in computer hardware and software, and be able to identify and categorize computers according to their various functions.

You should also be able to distinguish between various computer types based on their size, function, and data processing methods.

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