Big Data For Dummies Pdf eBook is one of the best guides for beginners to learn essential concepts and knowledge about Big Data Analysis in the easiest yet effective way. Learning Big Data can be difficult for beginners but this book provides the best solution by explaining difficult concepts and terminologies in plain language and easy-to-understand examples.

The Beginners will learn the following with this book:

  • Setup big data tools and architectures
  • Discover how big data can change your business
  • How to Integrate structured and unstructured data into a big data environment
  • Make better decisions by Using predictive analytics
  • Learn about big data from both a technical and business perspective
  • Organize the big data stack and learn about various architectural levels, operational databases, managing and analyzing the databases
  • Explore Big data computing model
  • Learn the significance of Hadoop and MapReduce for extensive data analysis
  • Learn how to implement your big data solution to operationalize and protect your data
  • Understand the importance of big data and how it’s used to solve problems

This book provides the best knowledge for beginners and makes them learn easily like other books of the “Dummies Series” such as Machine Learning For Dummies.

Big Data For Dummies Pdf

Features Of Big Data For Dummies

All the important features of Big Data For Dummies are listed below:

  • A comprehensive explanation of big data concepts in simple words
  • Profiles of different available technologies in data analysis
  • The role of cloud computing in Big Data
  • How MapReduce aids extensive data management
  • Why Hadoop is significant
  • Few specific uses for text analytics
  • How to approach extensive data security and privacy
  • Some best practices for managing and analyzing big data

Download Big Data For Dummies Pdf

Download Big Data For Dummies Pdf eBook

Get this Pdf eBook to learn everything about Big data and how to manage and analyze it with different tools and methods.

This book is very helpful for beginners and explains all the concepts in simple plain language.

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Additional Information

All the essential information about this Pdf eBook is shared below:

Book Language: English
Number  Of Pages: 336 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ 9781118504222
ISBN-13 978-1118504222
Edition: 1st Edition