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beneath a scarlet sky review

Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan is one of the most popular top seller book, based on the true story of the courage and bravery of a young man, an epic story of a young man and his incredible courage during the darkest hours of history and Beneath A Scarlet Sky review has been shared with our readers to help them.

Making a television series based on the story of this bestseller book, Beneath A Scarlet Sky, are also in the pipeline.

The true story tells us about the heroism, courage, and bravery of a young Italian soldier to do his best to destroy the Nazi plans, sacrificing his own life to give life to many others.

Beneath A Scarlet Sky Summary

beneath a scarlet sky review

This Second World War based historical novel is the true story of a young but brave Italian boy, Pino Lella, a teenager, who sent to the Italian Alps to escape the terror of Nazi bombings of Milan. 

Eventually, he helped the Italian Jews escape from there to Switzerland. He then started to live a double life as a driver to a notorious Nazi German army general in charge of construction and as an undercover spy for the Italian partisans, who aided the allied to fight against the Nazi Germans.

Then, he went to risk everything, even his own life, to put an end to the nefarious designs of Nazi Germans and eventually end up sacrificing his own life for a greater cause.

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Book Review

This historical second World War 2 based, Beneath a Scarlet Sky book written by best selling author Mark Sullivan was well appreciated by the majority of the readers that made it one of the best seller books in US market instantly but also few critics of this historical novel book come up with some valid questions and objections, which were mostly regarding presenting the historical facts with fiction.

The author has beautifully written the story, which contains action, romance, love, emotions, and all the thrill that makes this story very strong and interesting to make its readers stick around it all the day.

Critics of this book raised questions on the authenticity of the actions told in this book by describing it as the true story, that how can be a teenager be fluent in three languages at some time, English, French and Italian, an expert climber, high skilled driver, and mechanic and most importantly a professional spy to do all espionage tasks against the Nazi German army.

Admirers of this book appreciated this book; the author has combined all ingredients perfectly to make the readers feel the same emotions as according to the story’s situation.

While the critics of this book criticize and heavily doubtful for presenting fiction as reality and distorting history.

However, if assumed as a second world war historical fictional novel book then this book is good to read with all the elements such as Action, thrill, emotions and adventure well placed, which combined together made this book New York Times as well as an international bestseller book.

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