Behold a Pale Horse PDF By William Cooper

Behold a Pale Horse pdf

The author of this eBook, Behold a Pale Horse Pdf, Milton William Cooper, former the United States Naval Intelligence, discloses information that remains well-kept secrets in the history of the USA.

According to Cooper, all the secret information revealed in this Pdf e-Book has been kept secret since the early 1940s.

The astonishing information shared in this Book by Bill Cooper is very shocking.

Behold a Pale Horse pdf Download

Behold a Pale Horse Book by William Cooper (Pdf Book) Overview

The readers of this Behold the Pale Horse Pdf book will come across shocking revelations about the assassination of former US President John Kennedy, the war against drugs, UFOs, and the secret government.

Kennedy assassination

Cooper also linked the assassination of former US president John Kennedy with the aliens as he stated in his book, that Kennedy was assassinated because he thought of revealing the secret that aliens were planning to take over the earth.

UFOs, aliens and the Illuminati

The topic of UFOs is also discussed in this book, which gained the wide attention of Ufologists and gave new life to the speculations about UFOs and aliens.

He accused former US President Dwight Eisenhower of negotiating a deal with Extraterrestrial in 1954, who then established an internal wing of the Illuminati to maintain relations with them and keep their presence a secret.

He also claimed that he had seen some of the secret documents while serving in the Navy describing the secret government’s (Illuminati) dealings with aliens.

Cooper was of the view that aliens have allegedly manipulated or ruled the human race through various secret organizations, religions, magic, and mysticism and that they were unknowingly controlling even the Illuminati.


He also alleged in this book that the AIDS virus resulted from a conspiracy to target a few specific groups and communities.

Different kinds of such alleged conspiracies and secrets have been discussed in this Behold the pale horse Pdf Book.

Behold a Pale Horse pdf

About Author

Milton William “Bill” Cooper was an American conspiracy theorist, radio presenter, and author best known for his book Behold a Pale Horse, published in 1991, in which he warned of several global conspiracies and revealed secrets, some involving extraterrestrial life.

William Cooper is a clear, sensible, and influential writer whose sole intent is to inform the absolute truth and empower his readers.

He accurately predicted the lowering of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, the invasion of Panama, and the fall of the Berlin Wall between East and West Germany, long before occurring of these events.

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Download Behold a Pale Horse Pdf

Download this Pdf eBook, Behold The Pale Horse to get to know about different alleged well-kept secrets of American history. The information contained in this book is a well-kept secret, and he revealed it only because he believed people deserve to know the truth.

It is considered a very influential book among UFOlogists as it gives substantial strength to their claims that are usually dismissed as rubbish.

Whether you believe it or not or think of it as insane or mad, there’s no denying the fact that most of what’s in this book is coming true.

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Additional Information About Pdf eBook

All the additional information and the essential details about this Behold a Pale Horse Pdf eBook have been shared below:

Dimensions5.9 x 1.2 x 8.9 inches

Why it is considered a most controversial book?

The author,William Cooper discussed very sensitive topics and alleged secrets that make this book one of the most controversial books of all time.

Who was Milton William Cooper?

William Cooper served in the US Navy until his discharge in 1975, he is regarded as a conspiracy theorist in the US media circles. He was killed in 2001 in an encounter with police officials, who attempted to arrest him on the alleged charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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