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Be Here Now PDF By Ram Dass [Epub] [Mobi] – (Free Download in 2022)

Be Here Now Pdf by the popular American spiritual teacher Ram Dass narrates the account of his spiritual awakening and provides readers the powerful guidance on yoga, meditation to take control of their lives and discover their true self. 

The book was first published in 1971. It served a profound spiritual emptiness, founded the constant mindfulness revolution, and designated Ram Dass as perhaps the distinguished seeker of the twentieth century.

be here now pdf

Be Here Now PDF (Book Description):

This Pdf book is divided into four parts:

The first section is a brief autobiography telling Alpert’s successes as a psychologist, his research with Timothy Leary into psychedelics at Harvard, and his ensuing anxiety when this research did not determine his spiritual questions.

He then tells his first journey to India, his relationship with Neem Karoli Baba, and spiritual renaming as “Baba Ram Dass,” or “servant of God.”

2nd Part is a collection of spiritual, religious, and metaphysical thoughts supported by illustrations.

3rd Part is a manual for starting a yogic or spiritual path.

4th and last section includes a list of recommended books on spirituality, consciousness and religion.

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Get this Pdf book If you are interested in Indian spirituality and yoga but don’t know much about it and and meant for the people open to new thoughts and experiences. 

The practical portion covers meditation, diet, mantra, pranayama, asanas, and other ‘religious’ practices. The focus is on realizing our connection to the universe, the creator and source of everything, God.

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